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13 Ghosts Haunted Tour




2 Hours

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13 Ghosts Haunted Tour

13 Ghosts Haunted Tour

There are things that
go bump in the night;
are you brave enough
to meet them?
Get up-close and
personal with the
spirits of Savannah.
Be advised that we
cannot guarantee
these spirits won’t
follow you home.
Join us at your
own risk.
Learn and use state
of the art ghost
equipment to contact
the spirits yourself.
13 Ghosts Haunted
Tour Savannah is
owned and operated
by enthusiasts in
Paranormal Research,
Occult Studies, and
Savannah History. It is
our pleasure to seek
out the supernatural
with you, so please,
join us as we visit the
history and haunts
throughout Savannah.
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