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Graveface Museum Paranormal Investigation




2 Hours

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Graveface Museum Paranormal Investigation Tour

Graveface Museum Paranormal Investigation

Explore the world-renowned museum after hours. Conjure spirits of dozens of serial killers with a Professional Paranormal Investigator!

Prepare yourself for the most chilling and spine-tingling stories of horrendous murders and
shocking haunts. Follow us into the depths of the intriguing, demented minds and their psychotic execution.

You’ll step inside the darkness of the Graveface
Museum, one of the most haunted buildings in one
of the most haunted cities. The largest collection
of serial killer memorabilia from the past 30 years is
housed here. View the original clown painting from
John Wayne Gacy, the watch and garments worn by Eileen Wuornos when she was arrested, as well as
Flavor-Aid packets from the infamous Jim Jones cult
mass suicide. Thousands of one of a kind items create
the most exquisite serial killer collection to be found.
We’ll guide you through this intriguing and one of a
kind after hours Savannah tour, putting you smack
dab in the middle of some of the evilest and most
wicked spirits to ever have lived.
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