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The Famous LA CONCHA Hotel in Key West

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Few locations in Key West give a bigger chill on the spine than La Concha hotel. Although it’s seaside-views and rooftop bar might sound intriguing, the hotel itself had a numerous amount of tragedies and deaths that gave it a cursed reputation.

It all started with a local builder named Carl Aubuchon, who wanted to build the first luxury hotel in Key West. After it was finished in 1926, visitors rushed to it’s open doors to enjoy it’s top of the line commodities. Some celebrities even stayed during the hotel’s early days such as Ernest Hemmingway or future president Truman. Unfortunately for the hotel, a shadow would cover it’s reputation after a man threw himself from the rooftop bar. Two more suicides, then an accident in which a waiter fell to his death in an elevator shaft. Thirteen more people would kill themselves in the hotel, and one more accident.

All over the hotel people experience strange or supernatural occurrences. Ghosts stealing drinks at the bar then disappearing, the apparitions across the hallways, voices screaming for help, cold spots, feelings of being watched or stalked, and of course, items shifting and doors closing on their own.

When Ernest Hemingway stayed at the hotel, he would often spend the night in the same room. This “Hemingway suite” is one of the more haunted rooms in the hotel. Guests experience items moving from place to place, the TV turning on on its own, and being woken abruptly by the bed suddenly shaking.

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